Jersey Shore BOCA is pleased to announce that it has been selected as an Eastern Development Program (EDP) All-In Gold Member Club, based on the quality of its program and its commitment to EDP. 

The EDP All-In Gold Membership provides numerous benefits for our players, teams, staff and overall club.  Below are a few of the benefits offered specifically to EDP All-In Gold Members.

Player & Team Benefits:

  • EDP League – quality match every week
  • EDP Cup Fall & Spring – outstanding tournament experiences
  • EDP Open Cup – competition similar to NJYS State Cup format
  • USA Champions League – competition similar to UEFA Champions League – team must qualify via on-field performance
    • Non-qualifying teams receive two additional regional league matches
  • EDP Talent Identification to College Program (EDP TIP to College)
  • EDP Triangles & Quadrangles – EDP League matches & events hosted on college campuses


Leveraging the EDP partnership, the club has developed an All-In Program for its youth members which seeks to provide the appropriate level of competitive and training activities for each player/team.


Registration Fee for Competitive Year 2016/2017 – $1,200 per player

Registration Fee Includes:

  • EDP League, Bond & Referee Fees
  • EDP Open Cup & Referee Fees
  • USA Champions League & Referee Fees (U13 and above only) – team must qualify via EDP selection criteria
  • US Club Soccer NJ Cup & Referee Fees
  • Tournaments
    • EDP Cup Fall 2015
    • EDP Cup Spring 2016
    • Tournament – team selection
    • Tournament – team selection
  • US Club Card
  • Coaching Fee
  • Facility Fees

Registration Fee Excludes:

  • Uniform Kit
  • Overnight accommodations – tournaments are anticipated to be local, with no overnight accommodations. If the team selects an event requiring overnight stay, the team must provide Coach with $50 per diem and full cost of hotel accommodations.
  • Host club mandatory fundraising
  • This program is intended to provide the appropriate level of training and competitive activities for each player/team. If the team decides to participate in any further activities, the cost of the activity and coaching will be the responsibility of the team.

Payment plans:

  • All registration fees are collected via payment plan consisting of an initial fee + 5 monthly payments
  • Financial assistance is available upon request


Interested in joining Jersey Shore BOCA?  If so, please Contact Us.