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Our club Jersey Shore Boca marked its 40 year anniversary in 2018. The Boca story is filled with many accomplishments and victories both on and off the soccer pitch. Our alumni have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, businessmen, police officers, soccer coaches and professional soccer players, just to name a few professions. Many now have their own children playing the same sport they love. After their playing careers ended with us, Boca alumni have not only just settled locally, but have gone on to start families and careers throughout the United States and abroad.

Our current Boca players also know they are part of a club with rich traditions and long history. They know that no matter where their soccer travels take them, they will always have a place back with their old club. The men’s program has provided a source of experienced coaching and role models for the young players. The adult players take to the field wearing the same “strip” as the youth. The wearing of the same colors leads to great sense of camaraderie among the players of all ages. That bond of loyalty often goes beyond the playing field. Young players can reach goals they set for themselves by emulating the adult players not just on the soccer field but also in their choice of careers. The “Boca kids” feel they are part of a full program they can belong to throughout life while keeping active in the sport they love so much.

We are compiling an extensive Jersey Shore Boca Alumni Directory. Plans are also in the works to form a Jersey Shore Boca Alumni Association and the Jersey Shore Boca Hall of Fame. If you are an alumnus of our club (coach, player or administrator), or know of someone who is, we would like to hear from you! 

Please submit your information to us by clicking on the link on the top of this page.

We encourage all alumni to continue to check our web site for all current Jersey Shore Boca news and events.

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