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Jersey Shore Boca Announces 2005 SYL Schedule
February 28, 2005

The Jersey Shore Boca Soccer Club announced today that they will begin their fifth consecutive year of competition in the Super Y-League this Spring as the Club has entered five teams in the nation’s most competitive youth soccer league for the 2005 season – tryouts are underway for all teams.
Jersey Shore Boca Announces 2005 SYL Schedule

Club will celebrate five-year anniversary in nation’s most competitive youth soccer league – tryouts underway for 2005 teams

TOMS RIVER, NJ (February 28, 2005) – The Jersey Shore Boca Soccer Club announced today that they will begin their fifth consecutive year of competition in the Super Y-League this Spring as the Club has entered five teams in the nation’s most competitive youth soccer league for the 2005 season.

Jersey Shore Boca will enter five boys teams in the SYL this year; U13s, U14s, U15s, U16s and U19s.

All of Boca’s 2005 SYL teams, with the exceptions of the U-19 team, will compete in the historically tough Mid-Atlantic Division in the Northeast Conference.

The Boca U19s will compete in the Metro Division of the Northeast Conference and will face powerhouse teams from The Storm Academy, Metrostars and Ironbound Sport Club among others, during their twelve game 2005 schedule.

“We are very excited and proud to be part of the Super Y-League again in 2005 and to give our shore area players the opportunity to compete against some of the best young soccer talent in the United States” said Al Schwartz, the President of Jersey Shore Boca.

“This will be our fifth year anniversary in the Super Y-League. I believe I speak for all of our directors, coaches and staff when I say that the Super Y-League is the most competitive youth soccer league in the country. We can’t wait to get started again” Schwartz continued.

In addition to rivals the South Jersey Barons and Super Nova FC, the Boca U13 through U16 Super Y-League teams will again face some of the top youth soccer clubs in the United States this season including DC United (DC), Northern Virginia Royals (VA), Baltimore Bays (MD) and Reading Rage (PA) among others.

Each of the five Boca SYL teams will play between 12 and 14 games in a home and away series against other members of the Mid-Atlantic and Metro Divisions.

The winner and runner-up in each of the Super Y-League’s seven divisions will compete for the Super Y-League National Championship after the completion of the regular season.

The Jersey Shore Boca 2004 U15 Super Y-League team carved a chapter in Boca’s history annuls last year as they won the U15 SYL Mid-Atlantic Division and traveled to Florida for the 2004 Super Y-League North American National Championship in November.

The Super Y-League is entering its seventh season of league play featuring the top clubs and players in the United States and Canada.

Affiliated with US Soccer and partnered with US Club Soccer, the league is designed for talented youth players destined for professional or international careers.

Through Olympic Development (ODP) status programs such as the North American Finals and National ODP Camps, the nation’s top players who compete in the SYL can be considered for selection to US National Team Programs.

The Super Y-League is the only North American youth league designed for the top one percent of elite youth players in the United States and Canada.

Jersey Shore Boca has been the only member of the Super Y-League from Monmouth or Ocean County since their inception into the league in 2001.

“We have now developed a solid track record and some baseline standards to gauge the effects of competing in the Super Y-League after four years. In hind-sight, everything has been extremely positive for our Club and our players” commented Walt Konopka, a member of the Jersey Shore Boca Board of Directors who also coached Boca SYL teams in 2001 and 2002 and now serves as the club’s U23 Program Director.

“Any player who previously participated with us in the Super Y-League received a taste of not only what it’s like to play at the next level but what it will take to get there. I would expect the same feeling to come from all our players this year as well. Regardless of the wins and losses, the fact we are able to provide our local players with this level of competition is tremendous toward their overall development” Konopka added.

Jersey Shore Boca has been a fixture in the soccer community since 1978 and is one of the most respected soccer clubs on the East Coast.

The Club is celebrating their 27-year anniversary in 2005.

Jersey Shore Boca is presently holding open tryouts for their 2005 Super Y-League teams.

For more information on the Jersey Shore Boca Super Y-League teams including tryout and contact information, visit the Club’s official web site at

The complete Jersey Shore Boca 2005 Super Y-League Regular Season Schedule is as follows:

(Note – All Boca home games will be played at the Manchester Soccer Complex, Colonial Drive, Manchester Township, NJ)

Age-Away Team-Home Team-Day-Date-Time

13B-Jersey Shore Boca-South Jersey Barons-Wednesday-06/08-6:30pm
13B-Reston FC-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-06/11-2:00pm
13B-NJ Junior Stallions-Jersey Shore Boca-Sunday-06/12-4:00pm
13B-Parsippany SC-Jersey Shore Boca-Wednesday-07/13-6:30pm
13B-Jersey Shore Boca-PSC Coppa-Saturday-07/16/-TBD
13B-Chesapeake Dragons-Jersey Shore Boca-Sunday-07/17-2:00pm
13B-Jersey Shore Boca-Northern Virginia Royals-Sunday-07/24-TBD
13B-Reading Rage-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-07/30-12:00pm
13B-Jersey Shore Boca-Super Nova FC-Sunday-07/31-2:00pm
13B-Jersey Shore Boca-Baltimore Bays-Sunday-08/07-4:00pm

14B-South Jersey Barons-Jersey Shore Boca-Wednesday-05/25-6:30pm
14B-Super Nova FC-Jersey Shore Boca-Sunday-6/12-2:00pm
14B-Baltimore Bays-Jersey Shore Boca-Sunday-06/19-4:00pm
14B-Jersey Shore Boca-South Jersey Barons-Wednesday-06/22-8:00pm
14B-Jersey Shore Boca-Parsippany SC-Wednesday-06/29-TBD
14B-Jersey Shore Boca-PSC Coppa-Sunday-07/10-5:00pm
14B-Jersey Shore Boca-NJ Junior Stallions-Wednesday-07/13-7:30pm
14B-Northern Virginia Royals-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-07/16-12:00pm
14B-Chesapeake Dragons-Jersey Shore Boca-Sunday-07/17-4:00pm
14B-Jersey Shore Boca-Northern Virginia Royals-Sunday-07/24-TBD
14B-Reading Rage-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-07/30-2:00pm
14B-Jersey Shore Boca-Chesapeake Dragons-Sunday-07/31-6:00pm
14B-Jersey Shore Boca-Baltimore Bays-Sunday-08/07/05-TBD

15B-South Jersey Barons-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-06/04-12:00pm
15B-Jersey Shore Boca-PSC Coppa-Wednesday-06/08-TBD
15B-Reston FC-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-06/11-4:00pm
15B-Super Nova FC-Jersey Shore Boca-Sunday-06/12-12:00pm
15B-Jersey Shore Boca-DC United-Saturday-06/18-2:00pm
15B-PSC Coppa-Jersey Shore Boca-Wednesday-06/22-6:30pm
15B-Jersey Shore Boca-Reading Rage-Saturday-06/25-2:00pm
15B-Jersey Shore Boca-Super Nova FC-Saturday-07/09-12:00pm
15B-Chesapeake Dragons-Jersey Shore Boca-Sunday-07/17-4:00pm
15B-Jersey Shore Boca-South Jersey Barons-Wednesday-07/20-8:00pm
15B-Jersey Shore Boca-Northern Virginia Royals-Sunday-07/24-TBD
15B-Reading Rage-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-07/30-4:00pm
15B-Jersey Shore Boca-Baltimore Bays-Saturday-08/06-2:00pm

16B-Super Nova FC-Jersey Shore Boca-Sunday-06/12-4:00pm
16B-Jersey Shore Boca-PSC Coppa-Wednesday-06/15-TBD
16B-Baltimore Bays-Jersey Shore Boca-Sunday-06/19-4:00pm
16B-Jersey Shore Boca-Parsippany SC-Wednesday-06/29-TBD
16B-South Jersey Barons-Jersey Shore Boca-Wednesday-07/06-6:30pm
16B-Jersey Shore Boca-NJ Junior Stallions-Sunday-07/10-4:00pm
16B-Northern Virginia Royals-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-07/16-4:00pm
16B-Chesapeake Dragons-Jersey Shore Boca-Sunday-07/17/-2:00pm
16B-Jersey Shore Boca-Northern Virginia Royals-Sunday-07/24-TBD
16B-Jersey Shore Boca-South Jersey Barons-Wednesday-07/27-8:00pm
16B-Reading Rage-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-07/30-6:00pm
16B-Jersey Shore Boca-Chesapeake Dragons-Sunday-07/31-6:00pm
16B-Jersey Shore Boca-Baltimore Bays-Saturday-08/06-TBD

19B-Ironbound Sport Club-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-06/18-2:00pm
19B-FC Westchester-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-06/25-1:00pm
19B-Jersey Shore Boca-Ironbound Sport Club-Thursday-06/30-8:00pm
19B-MetroStars-Jersey Shore Boca-Thursday-07/07-6:00pm
19B-Jersey Shore Boca-FC Westchester-Saturday-07/09-12:00pm
19B-Jersey Shore Boca-Brooklyn Knights-Sunday-07/10-1:00pm
19B-Parsippany SC-Jersey Shore Boca-Wednesday-07/13-6:30pm
19B-Brooklyn Knights-Jersey Shore Boca-Saturday-07/16-2:00pm
19B-Jersey Shore Boca-Parsippany SC-Tuesday-07/19-8:00pm
19B-Storm Academy-Jersey Shore Boca-Friday-07/22-6:00pm
19B-Jersey Shore Boca-MetroStars-Saturday-07/23-6:00pm
19B-Jersey Shore Boca-Storm Academy-TBD-TBD