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Konopka Begins Addicks Trial – Yanks Abroad
February 5, 2007


By Jason Endres for Yanks Abroad
Monday, February 5, 2007

Former Providence College goalkeeper Chris Konopka is in England on a week-long trial with Premiership club Charlton Athletic.

“I flew in Saturday morning to London and have had plenty of time to sort out the jet lag,” Konopka told YA. “The trial is for a week.”

“(Charlton) played Chelsea on Saturday and have a full week of training before they are off to Manchester United next Saturday, so I will be with the squad until then.”

“I am unsure of how they got word of me, but I know that the chief scout and the goalkeeper coach were really excited on seeing me up close in training.”

The Big East standout, who Premiership chasers Cardiff City want to sign after he gains a European Union passport, believes that entering the trial with the right mindset is important.

“I am just going in to get a good week’s training and have some fun,” explained Konopka.

“That was the attitude I had with Cardiff City and they were very impressed with me to the point of working out a contract if and when the Polish passport is set.”

“I figure that if I do that and just put my head down and go to work, I’ll get a lot out of the week.”

“From the team’s standpoint, I believe that what they are looking from me is to see if I could be here for the future, as a keeper to develop within the system and get some games in.”

The Kansas City Wizards selected Konopka in the 2007 Supplemental Draft and the player knows he has that the MLS option available to him if he cannot land a spot in Europe.

“I am just looking for the best place to develop myself into being the best keeper I can be,” said Konopka. “The biggest thing a young keeper needs to develop is games.”

“Goalkeeper training at the top level doesn’t vary too much, whether in America or overseas. So wherever I end up, I’ll get good training.”

“But it’s in the games where a keeper can develop, it’s the skill that you can’t train. So as a keeper, I want to find a place where I can get in and get some experience at a young age.”

By Jason Endres for Yanks Abroad Monday, February 5, 2007